Every building, every industry, every company. Rival Insulation has a connection to almost every building or blueprint in Southeast Michigan.

Inspired by generations of commitment to entrepreneurship, hard work, and professional camaraderie, Rival Insulation grew out of Chris Tremberth’s desire to provide a different kind of mechanical insulation company known for reliability, attention to detail, and great work. Founded in 2011 with a vision of infusing the mechanical insulation industry with positivity and commitment to the highest quality of work, Rival Insulation is known as the down-to-earth, homegrown company serving Southeast Michigan’s mechanical insulation needs.

Led by Chris Tremberth and Paul McEachren and based in Ferndale, Mich., Rival Insulation focuses on building relationships with repeat customers and contractors toward mutual benefit and enduring satisfaction. “There is no limit to what we can build,” say Chris and Paul. “Together with our clients and contractors, we are proud to be part of the rebirth of Detroit and the resurrection of the Motor City. We are a team, connected with the greater building community, seeing possibility rise before our eyes.”

Often considered the “forgotten technology,” mechanical insulation provides an important level of protection for commercial systems, conserving energy, saving money, and protecting people and the environment. With respect for people in the field and in the office, our work is an important component of building strong systems that pave the way for a strong economy.

Dedicated to Michigan industries including health care, automotive, education, commercial, government and heavy industrial, Rival Insulation stands for efficiency, professionalism, service, and limitless potential. The company welcomes hard-working, ambitious individuals and teams who believe in possibility, exhibit a positive attitude, and focus on getting the job done right, on time, without fail.

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