Materials for every application

Rival insulation furnishes and installs mechanical insulation products.  We use a wide variety of insulation materials, facings, and accessory products depending on a project’s specific application.  

Here is a list of commonly used commercial product data & SDS sheet for materials we use on a daily basis. This is by no means a complete list, but a quick-glance resource available to our customers and field personnel.  

For every service rendered, a complete product data submittal package will be provided upon request. Contact us to get started today.

JacketingProduct DataSDS Sheet
ITW-Stainless SteelPDFPDF
Proto-PVC Jacketing / FittingsPDFPDF
3M VenturecladPDFPDF
Piping InsulationProduct DataSDS Sheet
Armacell / AP ArmaflexPDFPDF
Aeroflex / AerocelPDFPDF
Knauf Pipe InsulationPDFPDF
Owens Corning Pipe InsulationPDFPDF
Duct InsulationProduct DataSDS Sheet
Knauf DuctwrapPDFPDF
Knauf Rigid BoardPDFPDF
Owens Corning SoftR DuctwrapPDFPDF
Owens Corning Rigid Fiberglass BoardPDFPDF
Fire PreventionProduct DataSDS Sheet
3M Fire Barrier Duct Wrap 615+PDFPDF
3M Fire Barrier Plenum Wrap 5A+PDFPDF
Unifrax FyreWrap Plenum WrapPDFPDF
Unifrax FyreWrap Elite Grease DuctPDFPDF