Eric Krekelberg

In May of 2018, Eric Krekelberg became Rival’s Superintendent. Eric brings 15 years of experience in the field to oversee all on-site job details, serving as a bridge between trusted men in the field and the people managing the office. Eric coordinates all field projects, ordering lift equipment and providing technical support.

In his first six months with the company, Eric led Rival Insulation to fabricate significantly more metal jacketing, manufacture custom insulation blankets, supply pipe supports, and generally do more industrial work.

Previously, Eric worked as a mechanical insulator. A fantastic leader, he brings immense technical knowledge to this management role and helps guide Rival’s apprentices. “Chris and Paul are good guys who care about their employees,” he says. “They are honest, and they don’t micromanage. It’s great to be part of this team.”

In his spare time, when not working, Eric likes to spend time with his wife Julie and kids.

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