89 million dollar renovation to 985 Michigan– IRS Computing Building

The GSA approved funds to backfill and modernize the current Internal Revenue Service (IRS) building located at 985 Michigan Avenue in Detroit, MI. The site consists of a 10-story, plus full basement level and single-story connector, steel-framed high-rise, Class B, commercial office building; a 10-story concrete-framed, high-rise, parking garage with partial basement level; and a three-story, steel-framed energy center with full basement. The total gross measured floor area for all three buildings is approximately 866,000 SF.

The goal of this project is to bring together 12 federal agencies and approximately 1,900 employees into this one location. Renovation include interior modernization and building upgrades as well as an extensive HVAC system upgrades that will result in energy efficiency and cost savings throughout its life cycle.

Rival insulation was selected as a subcontractor on this project to provide all mechanical insulation on the a new chilled water piping system, a new hydronic heating systems and air-side ventilation systems throughout the entire facility. Rival’s installed products will conserve energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, regulate temperatures of the installed piping and air systems, and provide an extended life cycle of the mechanical equipment as well as an energy costs savings to this project.